Shutting Down People’s Lobby Would Be Big Loss

Lack of funding might cause the lobbying and public policy arm of the Connecticut's three legal-aid groups to close down. That would be a devastating loss says this editorial.

Editorial (Connecticut)

Hartford Courant
July 13, 2015
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Tags: Access to Justice, Benefits of Legal Aid, Funding: IOLTA

Organizations mentioned/involved: Connecticut Legal Services, Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut (LARCC)


This would be a devastating loss, and not just to the poor. When LARC advocates for sound banking policies or rights of renters, it helps a lot of middle-class people as well. LARC’s highly regarded Raphael L. “Rafie” Podolsky has often been the only lobbyist representing the public on banking legislation. History sugests that insiders sometimes game the system for the well-connected if no one is there to call them on it. We are all better off if Mr. Podolsky is in the room.

The program should be preserved.


We need both. A lawyer who keeps a client from being unfairly evicted helps that person. When LARC advocates get a law passed that prevents unfair evictions, they help many people.