CLASI and ACLU file lawsuit against DOC on treatment of mental ill inmates

According to a lawsuit filed Thursday, at least 100 people with mental illnesses are being held by the DOC in solitary confinement, and out of that 60 are considered to have serious mental illnesses.

News Story (Delaware, Maryland)

WMDT 47 (MD) (local ABC)
August 6, 2015

Tags: Mental Health, Prisoners Rights

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Aid Society (Delaware)


The Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed a lawsuit against the Delaware Department of Corrections on behalf of prisoners with mental illnesses in solitary confinement, for conditions they say make their illness worse.


The groups claim under the conditions these inmates are being held make mental illness worse and cause paranoia, self-mutilation, and suicide attempts.