Lawsuit claims state of Minnesota has underspent funds meant to serve the disabled

Thousands of Minnesotans with disabilities have been forced needlessly to wait months and even years for community-based services because the state has underspent more than $1 billion in public funds, according to a lawsuit.

News Story (Minnesota)

Chris Serres
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
August 29, 2015

Tags: Disability Rights, Health Care

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, Minnesota Disability Law Center (MDLC)


Some advocacy groups for people with disabilities have argued that DHS could dramatically reduce or even eliminate waiting lists statewide for disability services if it did a better job managing the monies allocated by the Legislature under the Medicaid waiver program. Many individual counties, these advocates argue, are overly stingy with their waiver monies, unnecessarily keeping people on prolonged waiting lists.

“By letting millions of dollars that were intended to fund the waiver programs go unspent year after year, DHS unnecessarily placed eligible individuals with disabilities on waiting lists that blocked them from gaining access to the services and supports they need to live and work in their communities,” said Pamela Hoopes, legal director of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center, co-counsel in the lawsuit.