Closing the civil justice gap

Florida faces a civil justice crisis that indeed calls for a comprehensive solution. Legal aid must also be funded through both public money and additional contributions from attorneys.

Editorial (Florida)

Gainesville Sun
September 11, 2015

Tags: Access to Justice

Organizations mentioned/involved: Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice (FCATCJ)


There are too many lawyers, yet there isn’t enough legal representation for those who need it.

When someone faces a legal problem with a landlord, a family law issue or other civil disputes, finding and affording the right lawyer can be a challenge. The World Justice Project ranked the United States 65th out of 99 countries in accessibility and affordability of civil justice.

The problem is particularly bad in Florida. An estimated 60 percent of residents can’t afford an attorney to address their legal need, but don’t qualify for legal aid, according to officials with The Florida Bar.