Protecting structured settlements in D.C.

DC must pass stronger laws to protect people with structured settlements against insurance companies.

Op-Ed (District of Columbia)

Heather Latino, Thomas Papson
Washington Post
September 11, 2015

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia


At the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, our attorneys regularly counsel low-income D.C. residents seeking to sell their rights to future structured settlement payments. We try to help our clients understand that these sales always come at a high cost and should be considered only as a last resort when there are truly no other alternatives.

When appropriate, we also assist our clients in getting substantially better deals from the purchaser or restructuring the deals to retain more of the protective features of the original structured settlement.

The proposed D.C. legislation would be a huge step toward ensuring that District residents with structured settlements from personal injury cases are not victimized a second time by a company seeking to purchase their settlement payments for too little money and too little regard for their best interests.