Woman Who Spent 2 Months In Solitary Confinement For Being Transgender Scores Legal Victory

A Maryland woman who was mistreated by prison guards and held in solitary confinement for over two months solely because she is transgender has scored a groundbreaking legal victory.

News Story (Maryland)

Christopher Mathias
Huffington Post
September 24, 2015

Tags: Prisoners Rights, Solitary Confinement

Organizations mentioned/involved: FreeState Justice (MD)


Sandy Brown, 40, was taken in 2014 to Patuxent Institution outside Baltimore for a routine mental health screening. There, Brown says, prison guards watched her shower, and one repeatedly called her “it” and told her to commit suicide.

“I spent 24 hours a day in solitary and was only allowed one hour of recreation during the entire 66 days I was there,” she said in a statement.

“They didn’t see me for the human being I am,” her statement continues. “They treated me like a circus act. They gawked, pointed, made fun of me and tried to break my spirit.”

As the result of a grievance she filed against the prison, a Maryland judge ruled in April that Patuxent’s treatment of Brown violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal statute that includes provisions to protect incarcerated transgender people from abuse.