Help for Corinthian Victims in California Governor’s Hands

Governor Brown could bring some additional help to Corinthian victims if, by October 11, he signs a bill currently on his desk to increase funding for legal aid.
Blog Post (California)

Robert Shireman
Huffington Post
September 25, 2015

Tags: Consumer Protection, Student Loan Forgiveness

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC)


A vast swindle like this one leaves a lot of human wreckage, and much of that wreckage is in low-income communities in California. The good news is that both the federal and state governments are offering some debt relief and tuition refunds. But the options and the process are unavoidably confusing. As this notice from California’s current attorney general indicates, victims are encouraged to get a lawyer to help them. And if they begin by doing a Google search for assistance they are likely to be ripped off yet again, as my colleague at The Century Foundation points out in his piece about scam artists preying on student debt holders.

Legal aid organizations are overwhelmed by the demand for assistance. Legal Services of Northern California reports turning away up to half of those seeking help. The Veterans Legal Clinic at the University of San Diego is unable to address veterans’ other problems while focusing on the needs of former Corinthian students.