This transgender woman won a court victory over the Maryland prison system that abused her

A transgender woman who was sexually harassed and tormented by prison guards while being held in state prison won a court case against the Maryland prison system in a landmark case, her lawyers told reporters yesterday.
News Story (Maryland)

Nidhi Prakash
September 25, 2015

Tags: LGBTQ, Prisoners Rights, Solitary Confinement

Organizations mentioned/involved: FreeState Justice (MD)


Sandy Brown, 40, was sent to the Patuxent Institution in Jessup, Md. last February for a routine mental health evaluation but ended up spending 66 days in solitary confinement, Reuters reports. She was serving a five year term for assault at the time.

Guards at Patuxent not only isolated her and denied her access to recreational activities, but also watched her shower and bullied her. In one case, a guard repeatedly referred to her as “it,” and told her she should kill herself.

“They didn’t see me for the human being I am,” Brown said in a statement. “They treated me like a circus act. They gawked, pointed, made fun of me and tried to break my spirit.”