Transgender Inmate Wins Historic Case Against Prison Guards Who Assaulted Her

Administrative Law Judge Denise Shaffer found that officials at the Maryland Institution violated Brown's rights under the Prison Rape Elimination Act.
News Story (Maryland)

Gabby Bess
September 25, 2015

Tags: LGBTQ, Prisoners Rights, Solitary Confinement

Organizations mentioned/involved: FreeState Justice (MD)


Inmate Sandy Brown says she was put in administrative segregation after a routine mental health screening—just because she was transgender. Isolated 24 hours a day for 66 days, she said that on at least one occasion guards pulled back a prison curtain to watch her shower and encouraged her to commit suicide, court records indicate. Brown was serving a five-year sentence for assault at Patuxent in Jessup, Maryland—an institution with both men’s and women’s facilities—when she was placed in solitary confinement in 2014.

On Thursday, Brown finally received justice for the guard’s gross mistreatment, according to Reuters.