We Need Fighters for the Poor — Civil Legal Aid Can Help

We need fighters to combat injustice and income inequality -- civil legal aid can help. For those battles requiring legal expertise, civil legal aid attorneys will continue the fight in your communities and mine.

Op-Ed (Georgia)

Talley Wells
Huffington Post
October 2, 2015

Tags: Income Inequality

Organizations mentioned/involved: Atlanta Legal Aid Society


We do need fighters for the poor. We need fighters who will battle the injustices which pop up from every direction when a paycheck or disability payment does not cover the simple necessities of food, shelter, and transportation. We need fighters who stand for those experiencing domestic violence, for those cheated out of meager wages by predatory lenders, and for those who are elderly or who have disabilities and need accommodations to fully experience the opportunities of this great country.

Fortunately, on one of the fronts against poverty, we have fighters stationed in every community across America: the lawyers who work for nonprofit civil legal aid organizations.

We represent low-income people in and out of court in civil legal disputes, and provide information so people can know their rights. Most of our cases make a difference for one person or one family at a time. But other legal aid cases transform our country for the better through legal decisions that go as high as the United States Supreme Court.