Editorial: Fighting wage theft

Hillsborough County commissioners have moved sensibly toward a compromise that should result in the adoption of a wage theft ordinance.
Editorial (Florida)

Tampa Bay Times
October 12, 2015

Tags: Employment, Wage Theft, Workers Rights

Organizations mentioned/involved: Bay Area Legal Services (Tampa) (BALS)


Commissioners voted 6-1 last week to accept a hybrid of two popular wage theft ordinance models out of Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Hillsborough’s version, which commissioners will discuss in a public hearing later this month, will point workers seeking redress to an administrative hearing in state court. If mediation fails, the county will connect disgruntled workers with Bay Area Legal Services, a nonprofit that provides legal services to the indigent.

Wage theft often occurs among the country’s most vulnerable workers, typically in the construction, restaurant or tourism industries. According to recent studies, Hillsborough is among Florida’s most notorious counties for stolen wages.