Jean Crowe’s legacy lives on in domestic violence work

Op-ed honoring the late Jean Crowe, long time civil legal aid lawyer and fierce fighter for domestic violence survivors.

Op-Ed (Tennessee)

DarKenya Waller
Tennessean, The
October 13, 2015

Tags: Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands


Jean Crowe envisioned a Nashville that eradicated domestic violence and provided the resources and services needed for victims to heal and move forward from a domestic violence incident. She built a lasting framework that continues to move forward in her legacy.

Because of Jean, each day at Legal Aid Society we help victims restore safety and stability through the law. Her passion has become our own, but we know that no matter how far we carry her torch, it will always pale in comparison to the woman who blazed the trail and held a beacon of light for every domestically battered, abused and suppressed man and woman in Middle Tennessee.

In October and every month thereafter, it is our hope that we all have the courage of Jean Crowe — the courage that cares enough to make a difference.