New state laws to help Marylanders clear arrest records

Under new state laws that take effect Thursday, many more Marylanders will be able to clear minor charges from their records — and, officials say, fare better in the employment market.
News Story (Maryland)

Alison Knezevich
Baltimore Sun
October 16, 2015

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS)


Advances in technology have given employers and landlords easy access to such information. Even if a person is not convicted, records of interaction with law enforcement can hurt a job search.

“People who aren’t attorneys may not necessarily know what all those things mean,” said Lonni Summers, a staff attorney with the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service.

Under one new law, people may seek the expungement of convictions for offenses that are no longer a crime, such as possession of small amounts of marijuana, which was decriminalized last year.