How to Fight Homelessness

With over 58,000 people in our shelter system every night, and thousands more sleeping on the streets, concern about homelessness in New York City has reached a fever pitch.

Op-Ed (New York)

Mark D. Levine, Mary Brosnahan
New York Times (NYT)
October 19, 2015

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City), Coalition for the Homeless (DC) (DCCFH)


But the best solution to homelessness is preventing it before it even occurs.

More than two-thirds of the people in our shelters are families with vulnerable children, and the most common cause of their homelessness isn’t drug dependency or mental illness. It’s eviction. If we can slow the pace of evictions, we will make a major dent in the homelessness crisis.