In Montana The Demand For Affordable Legal Help Far Outstrips The Supply

Montana's Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission is doing seven forums like yesterday’s in Kalispell around the state over the next year to get ideas for achieving justice for all.

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Montana Public Radio
October 22, 2015

Tags: Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA), Montana Access to Justice Commission (MATJC)


When people can’t use the courts to fight unfair evictions, to protect their assets from scammers or get fair custody arrangements with their kids, they can end up homeless or otherwise burdening an already strained social services system.

That’s what more than a dozen leaders of social and legal services groups told the state Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission yesterday in Kalispell.

Alison Paul told the commission it’s a problem that most people aren’t aware of.

“Many people don’t realize that you can lose your children, and not have the right to an attorney. You can lose your children in a custody battle. You can lose your house, and not have a right to an attorney to enforce your rights in court.”