Legal aid for our veterans: Now it’s our turn

To help commemorate Veterans Day, legal aid lawyers across the state will hold special clinics and workshops during Texas Veterans Legal Aid Week through Friday to help veterans with legal problems.

Op-Ed (Texas)

Nathan L. Hecht, William H. McRaven
Houston Chronicle
November 6, 2015

Tags: Justice for All, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas Access to Justice Foundation (TAJF)


Legal aid provides basic civil legal services to the poor, not only for veterans returning home, but also for victims of domestic violence, the elderly facing foreclosure of their homes, and children in difficulty. Nearly 6 million Texans qualify for civil legal aid.

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation, created in 1984 to fund civil legal aid in Texas, stands committed to a vision that all Texans deserve equal access to justice, regardless of income. The Foundation recently awarded more than $63 million in grants to 30 Texas legal aid providers for basic civil legal services to low-income Texans. In 2014, these grants helped more than 7,000 veterans get access to the justice system.


We salute our military men and women returning home. One critical way to honor their service is to guarantee for them the promises of America’s civil justice system and the rule of law that they fought bravely to preserve. Vets answered our call. Now it’s our turn.