Poverty study is an alarm bell for N.J. state government

A new report from Legal Services' Poverty Research Institute offers a more contemporary look into the price of living in New Jersey.

Editorial (New Jersey)

Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)
November 18, 2015

Tags: Income Inequality, Poverty

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of New Jersey


In fact, given poverty’s entanglement with education, graduation rates, job creation, workforce development, wage stagnation, mass incarceration, and housing affordability, this issue should consume the next administration.

Will it? That’s another story. Too often, government tends to visualize poverty as one of those “sacrifice zones” such as Camden, or other drive-by areas marked by post-industrial decay.

But poverty exists largely in the shadows, where there is an overlooked underclass, so the Legal Service study does something very important: It reminds government what inequality looks like, in real places and real dollars.