Skid row tenants accuse landlord of trying to drive them out of building

Tenants at a five-story residential hotel on skid row filed suit Monday accusing landlords of launching a campaign of harassment and intimidation to drive them out of the building.

News Story (California)

Gale Holland
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
November 30, 2015

Tags: Housing: Landlord-Tenant

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)


The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses owner Kameron Segal and his management company, William Holdings, of allowing slum-like conditions, including roach and bedbug infestations and clogged toilets, to fester at the 220-unit Madison Hotel on 7th Street.

The landlords canceled maid service and linen cleaning, quit supplying toilet paper and replacing light bulbs and closed off the lobby and TV room, the suit said. These amenities had long been included for residents, who live in single rooms and share common bathrooms.