Missouri courts must crack down on unscrupulous debt collectors

“Zombie” collectors chase consumers for debt they may not even have incurred. he Missouri Supreme Court should enact changes and look for even more reforms.
Editorial (Missouri)

Kansas City Star
December 4, 2015

Tags: Consumer Protection, Debt Collection

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Western Missouri


An especially voracious type of predator is on the prowl in low-income communities.

Gregg Lombardi, executive director of Legal Aid of Western Missouri, calls them zombie debt collectors. They have been clogging court dockets in Jackson County and elsewhere, suing poor defendants, who are disproportionately black or Latino, for unpaid debt they may not even realize they have.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says his office received 1,217 complaints about these predatory debt collectors last year. The only practice more reviled is violations of Missouri’s “no call” law.