New York’s Chief Judge Leaving a Legacy of Reforms Inspired by Social Justice

As Judge Lippman finishes his seven-year run presiding over the Court of Appeals, his success expanding legal services for the poor and championing a host of other court reforms stands out even more than his decisions as a jurist, legal scholars said.
News Story (New York)

James C. McKinley Jr.
New York Times (NYT)
December 29, 2015

Tags: Access to Justice


The ribbon-cutting was one of Judge Lippman’s last public acts before he steps down as the leader of the New York Court of Appeals on Thursday, and it emphasized what some say may be his most notable legacy: his campaign to provide lawyers and other legal help to thousands of impoverished New Yorkers who face serious proceedings — such as eviction, foreclosure and the loss of child custody — with no representation.

“What I think about every day is how do we fulfill that constitutional mission of equal justice both on the civil and criminal sides,” he said in an interview after the event. “How do you make justice not about the money in your pocket?”