For the Homeless, Help and a Steady Job

Two letters to the editor about solutions to homelessness in New York City.

Letter to Editor (New York)

John Pollock, Judith Goldiner
New York Times (NYT)
January 1, 2016

Tags: Civil Right to Counsel, Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City), National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC)


Without shelter and services, homeless youths are far more likely to become homeless adults. It is time for the city to agree that homeless youths have a right to shelter and services appropriate for their needs.


Instead, the homelessness problem needs to be tackled at one of its major sources: evictions. Providing a right to counsel for eviction cases, as the City Council has proposed to do, would not only be more humane, but also significantly more effective. Numerous studies have shown that tenants receiving legal assistance are significantly more likely to avoid eviction and the homelessness that often follows.