Legal Aid needs and deserves support from the city

Letter to the editor arguing for the city of Jacksonville to step up and start funding its local legal aid office.

Letter to Editor (Florida)

Rhonda Peoples-Waters
Florida Times-Union
January 11, 2016

Tags: Access to Justice, Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA)


Sadly, the city provides zero dollars to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. No other Florida city even close to our size shows this lack of support for its local Legal Aid office.

Our staff members are beleaguered by forced furlough days without pay as well as loss of employee benefits. They are being punished for their good works.

Community members can strongly encourage City Council and Mayor Lenny Curry to fund Legal Aid because it is our civic responsibility — and because it is in our best economic interest to support Legal Aid.

An independent study by the Florida TaxWatch Research Institute proved that every $1 invested in legal aid had a $4.78 positive economic impact on the local community.