How the System Is Failing Central American Families Facing Deportation

Many of the families picked up still had legal recourse—specifically asylum—to avoid deportation.
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Max Rivlin-Nadler
January 15, 2016

Tags: Deportation, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: RAICES (Texas)


So how exactly did ICE choose these families to target for enforcement? And do these removals truly represent a new front in the effort to maintain record numbers of deportations?

“The families we’ve worked with who were picked up earlier this month all had legal representation working with them on ways to avoid deportation, they just weren’t very good lawyers,” explained Mo Abdollahi, advocacy director for Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), an organization that has been providing assistance to the families picked up by ICE.

So far, advocates there say they’ve been able to stave off the removal of at least 12 of the families. According to immigration attorneys, these families can still apply for refugee or other legal status while they continue to delay their removal.