The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland helps low-income tenants and homeowners facing foreclosures and evictions

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland is an important resource for helping low-income residents secure and retain decent affordable housing.

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Jill Sell
Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
January 17, 2016

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Legal Aid handles a number of housing concerns including: foreclosures,evictions, public housing, private landlord-tenant problems, HUD subsidized housing, Section 8 voucher programs, low-income tax credit program and more.

“The most common cases we see are loss of housing through eviction,” said Abigail Staudt, managing attorney of the Housing Law Practice Group with Legal Aid’s Cleveland office. “Tenants come to us at several different stages. They may have received some sort of notice from the landlord, even something verbal, to having eviction papers served from court. To help clients best, we’d like them to come to us when they receive a notice. It’s hard for us to do much when it’s just a verbal notice. A lot of times a landlord might threaten something and not act on it.”