Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles breaks ground for new headquarters in Pico-Union

The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles -- one of the region's principal providers of free legal counseling to the poor -- broke ground Tuesday on its new headquarters at 1550 W. 8th St.
News Story (California)

Taylor Goldenstein
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
January 19, 2016

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)


“What a high, high privilege it is to be associated with this great institution, LAFLA, and its mission,” Olson said, after being greeted by a standing ovation. “This is an institution that adds dignity and fairness to its many clients, and … adds legitimacy to this nation’s claim of democracy and a rule of law.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke at the ceremony, where he congratulated the staff and spoke about his admiration for members of the Olson family, who inspired him to pursue public service.

Garcetti said he has noticed that a “new Los Angeles” is coming about, one in which there is more public concern for social and economic problems.

“I came to L.A. thinking, well, this is not a place that’s known as a civil rights or human rights center, and immediately I found the opposite to be true,” Garcetti said. “LAFLA represents the very best of what the city is about.”