Helping RGV veterans with legal aid

It’s important that free and low-cost legal services are available to all of our veterans.

Editorial (Texas)

Monitor (TX)
January 20, 2016

Tags: Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas Civil Rights Project


The Veterans’ Rights Program will provide legal assistance to veterans in the RGV and their families who are facing civil rights violations in accessing public resources, housing or within the criminal justice system, said Emma Hilbert, an attorney with the South Texas Civil Rights Project who will help veterans. The program also will conduct community outreach and “serve as a point of contact along with other local veterans’ rights groups,” she said during a news conference in Alamo.

Said Rodriguez: “I have veterans with legal matters who don’t know where to go and it’s a good thing we have this program now so we can send them here and they can get the relief they are seeking.”