In Christie’s absence, N.J. lawmakers tackle poverty

More people are living in poverty in New Jersey now than in any time in modern history. New Jersey needs a major push to fix this.
Editorial (New Jersey)

Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)
February 1, 2016

Tags: Poverty

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of New Jersey


But imagine living on $24,000 in New Jersey for a family of four — it would be impossible. That traditional measure of calculating poverty is archaic. Legal Services of New Jersey did a much more accurate assessment, which takes into account real costs, and found nearly 3 million people are living in poverty in this state.

This includes roughly 800,000 children. Helping their families will require a wide range of solutions, such as income support, resurrecting affordable housing efforts and reducing the outrageous cost of mass transit. We hope the Legislature takes a serious look at all of them.