Social Justice Hackathon brings real solutions to those in need of legal aid

One of the most basic needs for those engaging in the justice system has also been one of the most overlooked: access to proper legal aid.

News Story (Washington)

Clare McGrane
GeekWire (Seattle)
February 3, 2016

Tags: Access to Justice, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Self-Represented Litigants Network (SRLN)


Miguel Willis, a second-year law student at Seattle University, wants to do something about that problem. And that’s why he was inspired to create the Social Justice Hackathon, a two-day coding event sponsored by Seattle University which brought together 70 technology innovators and law professionals to address specific issues related to legal aid.

“The need for legal services far outpaces their availability,” Willis said, adding that many free legal aid services turn clients away because there’s such a large need.

Willis says the obstacles to accessing legal aid rise from three factors: a lack of education needed to dissect legal issues, not being able to afford a lawyer, and an overwhelmed pro-bono service system.