The confounding story of the disabled veterans who went weeks in winter without heat — and then were evicted

The downside to the recent push to end veterans homelessness. It appears to have attracted some landlords who have provided veterans with substandard housing and questionably evicted them back into homelessness.
News Story (District of Columbia)

Terrence McCoy
Washington Post
February 13, 2016

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Neighborhood Legal Services Program (NLSP) (DC), Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WLCH) (DC)


“I have clients who have gone through [this] process and have been victims of wrongful eviction,” said Eric Hughes, an attorney with Neighborhood Legal Services Program. “It takes on a systemic tone.” Hughes said he has encountered about 10 veterans in that situation. “These numbers add up, because every [housing lawyer] would have their own anecdotal stories.”

Amber Harding, a housing attorney with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, said the resource center should scrutinize landlords to whom they refer homeless veterans. “There is a responsibility to make sure as close to 100 percent of these [sites] are safe and legitimate,” she said. “That’s basic good governance.”