How Making Eviction Easier Became a Hot New Industry

The high eviction volume has led to an industry that makes eviction easier. But this is hurting low-income communities across the country.
News Story (Maryland)

Patrick Clark
February 23, 2016

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Public Justice Center (PJC)


It’s also a thorny one, pitting property managers and companies such as Click Notices against struggling renters. As it turns out, though, the first court filing is often just a bargaining tactic: In Baltimore, eviction cases are more likely to be settled than heard by a judge; fewer than 5 percent lead to the removal of a tenant.

“I think you have to ask, when you make it so easy to file, are you creating a system where it’s very easy to get people into court and bully them?” says Zafar Shah, an attorney at Public Justice Center, a civil legal aid organization based in Baltimore.