Brooklyn Supreme Court faces backlog of nearly 12,000 foreclosure cases in the hands of just three judges

Foreclosures have mushroomed into more than a third of all civil cases in New York state courts. Lawyers and advocates say this Brooklyn courtroom has become a prime example of a new “assembly line” approach to justice.
News Story (New York)

Juan Gonzalez
New York Daily News
March 8, 2016

Tags: Courts, Housing: Foreclosure

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services NYC (LSNYC)


Nearly a decade after the start of America’s historic housing crash, the nightmare continues for forgotten homeowners behind in their mortgage.

The list of pending home foreclosures before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear on Tuesday morning was enough to take your breath away.


But such rapid justice is dangerous, says Jacob Inwald of Legal Services NYC.

In a letter signed by a dozen legal advocacy groups, Inwald warned that he saw no way “three judges can possibly handle this volume of cases without either causing unimaginable delays” or “reverting to a rubber-stamp process … in which robosigned pleadings and motion papers once again become the norm.”