Help close Montana’s justice gap

Montana Supreme Court Justice Baker advocates for justice for all, regardless of income level, location or status.

Op-Ed (Montana)

Beth Baker
Montana Standard
March 14, 2016

Tags: Access to Justice, Access to Justice Commissions, Funding: State & Local, Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Montana Access to Justice Commission (MATJC)


Still, when individuals need legal advice or assistance, many have nowhere to go. In 2014, organizations that assist low- and moderate-income people were able to provide legal services to fewer than one in 10 Montanans requiring civil legal aid. The Montana Access to Justice Commission aims to increase the availability and types of legal assistance available to these populations, to expand legal services in rural areas, and to foster collaboration between legal providers.

The Access to Justice Commission is hosting a public forum series to assess improvements that have been made and to address the development of our civil justice system in order to better serve all Montanans. On behalf of the Supreme Court, I invite you to join me at this month’s forum in Billings. It will be from 4 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16, at the Mansfield Education Center, 2900 12th Ave. N.