St. Paul church offers blessings – and bankers

This church started swapping out one of its weekly Wednesday night Bible studies each month for sessions on financial and legal advice.

News Story (Minnesota)

Maja Beckstrom
Olympian (WA)
March 18, 2016

Tags: Faith

Organizations mentioned/involved: Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services


fter only two meetings, the informal sessions have chalked up small successes: A church member dogged for a decade by a gross misdemeanor on his record is getting free legal help to get it expunged; a homeless couple is repairing bad credit; a deacon was inspired to cut expenses so he and his wife can save for retirement.

“We’re finding people are being helped by it, that’s for sure,” said Walker, who has seen members struggle in the wake of the recession and slide deeper into poverty. “The church needs to offer hope and better way. Jobs are not available and people don’t have the means to make it.”