Controversial Texas family detention center to change back to all-male facility

Plans for the Karnes and Dilley facilities signal the Obama administration will reduce detention of immigrant women and children before president’s term ends.
News Story (Texas)

Renée Feltz
March 18, 2016

Tags: Detention Centers, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: RAICES (Texas)


“We always thought if they were going to close a family detention center, it would be Karnes,” said Mohammad Abdollahi, spokesperson for Raices, a legal aid group that helps many detainees at the facility. It is unclear if ICE plans will continue to detain male children there.

Karnes is one of three family detention centers that hold immigrant parents and their children, including infants, in a low-security setting while they face deportation. It is operated by Geo Group, and has been plagued by complaints since it was quickly converted from an all-male prison for immigrants serving criminal sentences in 2014. It is still surrounded by razor wire fence, and also holds adult male prisoners in a separate area.