Guest Workers Win in Virginia Court

The Legal Aid Justice Center has won a $782,000 settlement on behalf of 200 guest workers.

News Story (Virginia)

Sandy Hausman
WVTF (local NPR, VA)
March 25, 2016

Tags: Guest Workers, Workers Rights

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


Attorney Erin Trodden says three companies recruited them.

“And in order to get to the U.S. they had to pay the visa fees. They had to pay the plane tickets to get here, so these workers arrived in the U.S. almost $2,000 in debt,” Trodden explains. “Their employers did not reimburse those fees to them, and then they didn’t pay them overtime. In some circumstances they didn’t pay them minimum wage, and there were periods of time where they didn’t get paid at all.”

Lawyers learned about the problem nearly three years ago.