Federal Funding Helps Revive N.H.’s Medical-Legal Partnership

A medical-legal partnership here in New Hampshire ended in 2011 in part due to state budget cuts, but is now up and running again.

Audio, News Story (New Hampshire)

Rick Ganley, Michael Brindley
NHPR (local NPR, NH)
April 13, 2016

Tags: Health Care, Medical-Legal Partnerships

Organizations mentioned/involved: New Hampshire Legal Assistance (NHLA)


People living in poverty are often at greater risk for serious health problems. And for many, legal problems can be a contributing factor to those medical issues.

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership estimates one in six Americans have at least one civil legal problem that negatively affects their health.


Cheryl Steinberg is senior law project director for New Hampshire Legal Assistance.

She oversaw the original partnership and joined NHPR’s Morning Edition to talk about the efforts behind getting it going again.