Legal Services of New Jersey expects expungement ecxitement

Legal Services of New Jersey is bracing for what is expected to be a flood of inquiries from people with prior arrests or criminal convictions as a new law takes effect April 18.

News Story (New Jersey)
April 17, 2016

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing

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LSNJ has readied a special online help program, “Clearing Your Record Online” that incorporates changes in the state law and provides a step-by-step toolkit making it easier and faster for poor people to navigate the tedious and often confusing process of getting their past troubles with the law in most cases wiped clean.

“Every year Legal Services gets well over a thousand requests for help with expunging records,” says Akil Roper, LSNJ Chief Counsel for Reentry, noting there likely are countless others who had given up or simply were unaware there is a way of getting their records cleared. “Now, with the new far-reaching changes in the law, we anticipate a lot more from poor people turning to our interactive website.