5 Elderly Holdouts Fighting Closure of Assisted-Living Home

Two years after the owner of Prospect Park Residence announced the building in the trendy Park Slope neighborhood would be sold and converted to condos, its fate remains in limbo.

News Story (New York)

Matt Sedensky
Associated Press (AP)
May 7, 2016

Tags: Seniors

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City)


In a sort of age-reversed version of a campus sit-in, however, five have refused to go, challenging the handling of the sale and sparking a web of litigation. The holdouts’ fight is shedding light on the rights of the elderly and the difficulty of transition in life’s twilight.

“I think we have that right to do what we want to do,” said 93-year-old Annemarie Mogil, a retired social worker who has remained in her eighth-floor apartment and says she can’t imagine leaving Brooklyn or imposing on a daughter who already has her hands full. “I’ve earned my rest. I worked hard. I deserve my peace.”