There’s a devastating shortage of lawyers in the US who can help the poor with eviction or child custody cases

The pitfalls of the American criminal justice system have vastly overshadowed the devastating effects on America’s poor of its civil justice counterpart.
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Hanna Kozlowska
May 12, 2016

Tags: Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Center for Access to Justice (NCAJ) at Fordham Law School


According to new data from the Justice Index, a database and map project that scores states on implementing best practices in their civil justice systems, there is less than one lawyer who can provide free legal aid in civil cases for every 10,000 Americans who can’t afford representation.

“[These are] life and death kinds of matters, when you consider that people are being evicted from their homes, facing the loss of their homes in foreclosure or loss of their children in family court,” said David Udell, the director of the National Center for Access to Justice at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law which created the Justice Index.