Law firm offers counsel to those fighting to prevent guardianship takeover of rights

A nonprofit law firm hopes some fresh eyes might help ease the troubles facing Southern Nevada’s guardianship system.
News Story (Nevada)

Colton Lochhead
Las Vegas Review-Journal
May 22, 2016

Tags: Civil Right to Counsel, Guardianship

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada


Led by former state lawmaker Barbara Buckley, the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada jumped into the field earlier this year, offering a service lacking in guardianships in Clark County: attorney representation for those facing the possibility of having their constitutional rights stripped away through a court-approved guardianship.

Similar to a public defender in criminal cases, the center offers representation to those facing guardianship who can’t afford their own attorney. Before 2016, they had offered their services in other areas such as consumer rights, bankruptcies, foreclosures and payday loans.