Hundreds of thousands lose food stamps in Florida

A total of 350,000 people in Florida have lost their food stamps since the restoration of work requirements on Jan. 1.

News Story (Florida)

Wilson Sayre
June 1, 2016

Tags: Public Benefits

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of Greater Miami (LSGMI)


What happened was letters went out to places like homeless shelters explaining benefits were now tied to work requirements. But a lot of people said they didn’t get the letters.

People who did had the option of sending in a doctor’s note showing they were unable to work. But many didn’t have doctors — let alone notes.

That’s where McGivern got involved.

“I mean … we’re talking about $194 in food stamps,” McGivern said. “You have legal services attorneys involved just to get a note from a doctor to an agency saying that a homeless person is too disabled to work.”