ILS collaborates with East Chicago Housing Authority to help young adults

Starting this summer, Indiana Legal Services will partner with the East Chicago Housing Authority to help local youths who have criminal records overcome the barriers to jobs, housing and education.

News Story (Indiana)

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
June 1, 2016

Tags: Criminal Records, Reentry

Organizations mentioned/involved: Indiana Legal Services (ILS)


Stephen Rodriguez, managing partner at the ILS Merrillville office, explained the collaboration with the housing authority will connect the legal aid attorneys with 16- to 24-year-olds who live in public housing and need assistance with a civil legal problem. The focus will be on filing for expungements for the youths but other help will be provide such as getting suspended drivers’ licenses reinstated and modifying child support orders.

He is hopeful the partnership will have a positive benefit for the residents not only by helping young adults clear some of the obstacles caused by their past actions but also by making other youths aware of the consequences they will face if they commit a crime.