Equal Justice Works Gets Grant to Help Elder-Abuse Victims

The $1.4 million grant will help Equal Justice Works connect 150 AmeriCorps members to a network of partner organizations that focus on elder abuse.

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Zach Melvin
June 15, 2016

Tags: Elder Abuse, Seniors

Organizations mentioned/involved: Equal Justice Works (DC)


lder abuse, defined as the physical or emotional abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable adult, is becoming an increasingly publicized issue. A 2015 White House case study reported that roughly 10 percent of people older than 60 are affected by elder abuse.

“People all have stories of an older person being exploited in one way or another,” says Equal Justice Works executive director David Stern. “One of the things that we can do, by having lawyers represent these people, is prevent the abuse from continuing.”

Stern likened the issue to the state of domestic violence just two decades ago. Cases, he said, were often brushed under the rug as private matters. It required extensive educational efforts and training initiatives to change how people and law enforcement reacted to the issue.