Legal Aid Groups Aim To Help Poor Families Make Smart Decisions

When you don’t have much money, finding legal representation is a challenge; which is why North Texas legal aid groups want families with limited resources to know, help is out there.

Audio, News Story (Texas)

Courtney Collins
August 9, 2016

Tags: Justice for All, Sexual Assault

Organizations mentioned/involved: Equal Justice Center (TX), Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA)


Allison Schmitz and the Equal Justice Center’s Gabriela Vega say staff attorneys are up front with their clients and let them know that litigation can be adversarial and invasive. For instance, in certain cases, lawyers on the other side may be able to open mental health records.

Vega says when some people hear that, they decide not to bring suit at all.

“I’ve had plenty of clients say, I just want to move on,” Vega says. “We analyze their case and we give them their options, and they decide that their best course of action is to move on.”

That won’t recoup lost wages or help someone wiggle out of a lease. Vega says it does allow the client to make an informed decision. And for someone who lives each day on the financial edge, that’s pretty empowering.