Is UC Davis Medical Center Skimping On Care For The Poor?

Nearly 123,000 Medi-Cal managed care enrollees in Sacramento County can no longer seek primary care at UC Davis.

News Story (California)

Pauline Bartolone
California Healthline
August 12, 2016

Tags: Health Care

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC)


Because it is financed partly by state taxpayers, the UC Davis Health System — like all University of California hospitals and clinics — is considered a public institution with a mandate to care for the poor.

That’s why some patients and their advocates are frustrated. They say UC Davis is not fulfilling its mission as a public hospital because the health system generally no longer accepts primary care patients covered by Medi-Cal managed care contracts. Medi-Cal patients still can receive specialized and emergency room care, as well as in-hospital stays.

The Health Equity Action Team, a group of advocates, is holding a press conference today at the Guild Theater in Sacramento, to ask UC Davis to step up its commitment to offer primary care to Medi-Cal patients.