Ohio sued over student-loan collection fees

Bill collectors and law firms working for the Ohio attorney general’s office are tacking unreasonably high charges onto the amounts they try to collect from people with long-overdue student loans, according to lawsuits filed by the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.
News Story (Ohio)

Mary Mogan Edwards
Columbus Dispatch
August 16, 2016

Tags: Debt Collection, Student Debt

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Columbus


The society has filed lawsuits on behalf of four people who were sued by Ohio State University last year. According to Legal Aid lawyer Scott Torguson, a law firm hired by Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office to sue for judgments against the four violated state and federal laws by demanding excessive collection costs.

The Legal Aid suits ask a court to award the debtors damages under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and to establish that they owe less than the state is demanding.