The Waters Have Receded From Baton Rouge. Now Comes The Hard Part.

Even though the water receded only a few days after the storm hit, some of the biggest problems for the area are only just beginning.

News Story (Louisiana)

Bryce Covert
August 31, 2016

Tags: Disaster Recovery, Hurricane Katrina

Organizations mentioned/involved: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS)


Now comes the difficult task of rebuilding and trying to get the tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes back into their communities — hopefully avoiding what happened in New Orleans, where people are still trying to go home more than a decade after Hurricane Katrina.

SLLS is bracing for the same problem it faced in the wake of other major storms: Many families in Louisiana pass houses down between members informally, without making sure the proper paperwork is done to transfer the title. A number of important institutions — the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), government recovery agencies, even banks — require proof of ownership before they’ll dispense any help.