Judge Orders Hartford to Pay $6.25 Million to Tenants Displaced From Homes

Praising the decision, attorneys for the tenants said the administration of former Mayor Pedro Segarra all but ignored state law.

News Story (Connecticut)

Jeff Cohen
WNPR (Hartford, CT)
August 31, 2016

Tags: Housing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA)


If you’re a renter and your pipes burst, or there’s a fire, or your apartment has another issue and the city orders you to leave your home, you’re entitled to some help. In addition to guidance, you should get money for moving, storage, and rental costs. But, in 2013, when attorneys at Greater Hartford Legal Aid asked the city what it was doing for residents in crisis, it got a bad response.

“The answer was virtually nothing,” said David Pels, a staff attorney at the agency. “They provided a few days of motel stays, and then said to folks, ‘Have a nice life.’ And [they] did not provide them any of the other assistance that they were required to.”