Hartford Ordered To Pay $6.25 Million To Displaced Tenants

The city must pay $6.25 million to 1,690 households that were ordered to vacate between January 2010 and September 2015.
News Story (Connecticut)

Jenna Carlesso
Hartford Courant
August 31, 2016

Tags: Housing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA)


By fall 2015, Hartford was still violating the agreement, and the number of households that lost out on assistance ballooned to 1,690, Cecil Thomas, a legal aid lawyer, said.

The city would typically provide overnight stays in motels. But tenants weren’t offered help with moving and storage expenses or rental assistance for “safe, affordable and decent” replacement housing, according to the 2014 court decision.

“I think it represents fair compensation for a lot of city of Hartford residents that were displaced from their homes and didn’t receive what they were entitled to under state law,” Thomas said of the recent judgment.