No, courthouse doesn’t have self-help center

Far too many people who appear before us are poor, uneducated, unfamiliar with the justice system or illiterate.
Op-Ed (Ohio)

Ted Berry
Cincinnati Enquirer
September 1, 2016

Tags: Courts, Pro Se/Self-Help


Judges and magistrates in Hamilton County see first hand the need to increase access to justice and create a more user-friendly system for all people, regardless of whether they can afford an attorney. Our courthouse does not currently have a self-help center.

Of course, as others have recently pointed out, we have some excellent services to help people with their legal issues. For example, as Sieve noted, there is already a small domestic relations clinic to help people navigate the domestic relations court. That clinic is led by the Domestic Relations Court in partnership with Legal Aid, Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor, and the Law Library. That clinic is commendable and should be used as a model to create others.

While we appreciate and applaud all of these services, and the men and women who work so diligently to make justice more widely available, we still have more work to do to help people who need legal assistance but cannot obtain it.